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Window Graphics: 5 Things To Consider

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Whether your objective is to foster workplace productivity and culture, provide point of sale messaging or impress clients — window graphics are an effective way to revolutionise and brand spaces.
Here are the top 5 things you need to consider:

1. Vision

Are you wanting to see out of your office but do not want others to see in? Or do you need to completely block out vision from both sides of the glass? Vision is the number one consideration that will dictate your artwork design and product used.

2. Life-span

Longevity of your window graphic up is a key factor. Corporate office frosting is more likely to be a long-term, however promoting a sale on a shopfront window will be a more temporary solution. There’s a suite of vinyls available with varying life expectancies to suit.

3. The glass

Of course the glass itself is an important consideration. If there are mullions this will break your artwork design. If your windows are tinted, this will affect the colour output.

4. The product

From optically clear, to one-way vision to block out – there’s a range of adhesive vinyl products available but it’s the role of your printing company to advise the best product for your unique requirements.

5. Application

When it comes to window graphics, the application is make or break to the overall look and end result. Enlisting professionals experienced in self-adhesive vinyl installation will ensure a top-notch finish designed to last.



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