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Vehicle graphics are an excellent way of maximising exposure of your business by utilising an existing asset.

Here Account Manager Jamie answers the most frequently asked questions when it comes to vehicle graphics.


How long will my vehicle graphics last?

Understandably clients want to know how long they can expect their vehicle graphics to last before sun fade.

A number of factors come in to play here including how and where the vehicle is stored and used, along with the type of self-adhesive vinyl that is utilised.

Generally you can expect your graphics to still look fairly fresh up to 5 years after application.

How do I care for the graphics once installed?

How you treat your vehicle graphics will also play into the longevity you get out of them.

Caring for your vehicle graphics is much like caring for your vehicle’s paint. Try to keep the surface clean of common contaminants like mud, grease, fuels and bird droppings.

The self-adhesive media Discus use can be washed and cleaned in the exact same nature as your prototypical car wash.

Regular cleaning and ensuring your vehicle is not exposed to extreme direct sun for extended lengths of time will assist their lifespan.

Will I still be able to see out of my vehicle windows?

If you’re having a full vehicle wrap, or your graphics extend over your vehicle windows, then a one-way vision media will be used over the window glazing allowing for visibility from the inside out.

Discus use certified products for vehicle application and compliance with West Australian and Federal Road Authority laws – safety first!

How do I prep the vehicle before installation?

To ensure optimal adhesion of the vehicle graphic media a clean vehicle is an imperative necessity.

Best practice is to have your vehicle professionally detailed and cleaned the day prior to installation. However do not wax or polish your vehicle in the cleaning process as this will repel the self-adhesive vinyl.

On delivery of your vehicle for installation, it should be dry and clean of any dirt, grime or moisture (this includes door seams).

Are vehicle graphics removable?

Vehicle graphics can be removed with proper heat and chemical removal methods.

The timeframe for optimal removal can vary and is dependent on the media used and the amount of exposure to the elements. Generally with the certified products that Discus uses, removability of the graphics within a 5-year period will allow for minimal adhesive left behind.


Vehicle graphics are a great marketing tool that can help extend your reach to the streets. To ensure you get the most out of your graphics, only engage a reputable vehicle graphics supplier and installer who will guide you through the process and deliver you a quality result.



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