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HBF Park, renowned for hosting world-class sporting events and concerts, welcomes each new occasion with its own unique branding and visual elements.

In January of this year, Discus was engaged by Best Signs to not only print and install signage for the Rugby 7s tournament, but to engineer a lasting, cost-effective signage solution for future events at HBF Park.

The challenge lay in the absence of existing installation methods at sites across the stadium, requiring a resolution that minimised disruption to current structures while ensuring adaptability for upcoming events.


We proposed a comprehensive installation plan for reusable signage solutions, covering nearly 30 different sites across the stadium. Our team meticulously designed and engineered a system that could be easily installed and removed without causing damage to the existing structures. We focused on developing lightweight yet durable materials that could withstand the rigours of outdoor environments while offering the flexibility needed for multiple uses.

Our approach involved close collaboration with Best Signs and HBF Park to understand requirements and constraints for the project.

In crafting our signage strategy, we carefully selected a diverse range of signage to maximise versatility and effectiveness. We integrated sail tracks, snap frames, eyeleted banners, fabric socks and battens for corflute installation into our approach. Each selected for their ease of installation, versatility in accommodating various signage types, and resilience against challenging weather conditions including high winds, rendering them perfect for outdoor environments.

This comprehensive approach allowed us to effectively house all of the requirements of the venue signage, ensuring maximum visibility and impact for both event branding and promotional elements.


Through innovative design and careful planning, we created a range of branding solutions tailored to each site’s unique characteristics, paying special attention to HBF Park’s iconic status in the community.

The comprehensive install guide provides clear instructions for swift and efficient setup, minimising downtime and disruption to stadium operations. Upon completion, the transformed sites showcase vibrant and impactful branding which have enhanced the overall spectator experience and reinforced the event’s identity.

Our approach not only met the immediate needs of Rugby 7s but also sets a precedent for future installations. By installing the infrastructure to make signage sites reusable, we have provided a sustainable and cost-effective solution that will benefit organisers and stakeholders for years to come.

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