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Dawn Express commissioned Discus to deliver a graphics and signage package for their global client requiring a new office space in the Exchange Tower, Perth CBD.

Designed by project architect Gensler, the office fitout featured innovative design concepts tailored to the unique brand personality and values of the client.

This premium fitout required signage and graphics to be executed with fine attention to detail and high-end finishes.

There were several experimental signage applications that required research and problem-solving including the use of blacklight activated invisible paint for the virtual reality room.

The fitout included illuminated reception signage, wall and ceiling graphics, meeting room and statutory signage.

You can read the full project showcase here.


We worked collaboratively with Dawn Express, where they extended trust in our expertise to ensure that the creative vision was realised through quality execution.

Working with the team, we recommended and delivered solutions for the experimental concepts including 3D foam lettering and invisible paint signwriting.

We project managed and delivered the signage and graphics across print production, signwriting, fabrication and installation services to meet the tight construction program and deadline.

Read the full project showcase here.

Illuminated reception signage

Located behind the reception desk, the client’s logo and motto statement were executed in a combination of acrylic and illuminated applications.

The result is a striking entry sure to make an impressive welcome.

3D entrance signage

We worked with Dawn Express to deliver an impactful and remarkable entrance statement to the client’s innovation hub – a space of open collaboration.

This includes the use of 3D painted foam lettering with a white acrylic face to provide a seamless finish. White acrylic lettering was also applied to the wall.

Blacklight activated signage

In the virtual reality room used for client presentations, we worked with Dawn Express to deliver a clever signwriting execution.

V and R were painted in a standard white and the remaining letters in DISCOVER were painted in a blacklight activated invisible paint on the black wall.

When the room’s blacklight is activated the entire word DISCOVER becomes visible.

Ceiling and wall graphics

To make use of an otherwise underutilised space, we applied sign written lettering to the exposed underside duct work in the ceiling.

We delivered a series of wall graphics including black vinyl cut graphics and printed Dreamscape Terralon wall papers.

Room name and statutory signage

We delivered a range of other signage requirements including room names, wayfinding and statutory signs.


The clever and innovative design of the signage and graphics have been delivered through skillfully constructed applications by our team.

Attention was given to the finest of detailing to ensure the project architects’ vision was realised with a premium result.

The outcome is a creative space that reflects the client’s brand personality and values and creates a progressive, unique and inspiring environment.

The innovation hub, the virtual reality room and the remarkable reception entrance are distinctive highlights, however all signage and graphics come together to create a consistently impressive corporate space that the client is delighted with.


Signage Revitalisation


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