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Acoustic panels

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Acoustic panels are an effective solution for noise and sound absorption and greatly add to the aesthetics of a space.

When you engage Discus, we’ll work with you to understand the sound absorption goals for your space and recommend the appropriate acoustic products and application methods to get you there.

Not just a functional medium – acoustic panels and acoustic tiles help transform interior built environments including corporate offices, hospitality venues, commercial spaces – even home theatres.

And with Discus’ print and routering technology, a world of creative opportunity exists for adding both style and noise control.

Utilising our HP latex printing technology, printed graphics reproduce beautifully on the fibrous surface of acoustic panels.

Our speciality white ink capabilities are particularly effective when it comes to acoustic printing, helping to achieve bolder depths of colours on already bright or dark coloured panels.

Utilising Discus’ router machinery, a range of shapes and forms can be cut from the panels to create depth and interest.

Check out our product spec sheets on some of the acoustic panels available in a range of colours and thicknesses.

Echopanel by Woven Image

Cube by Autex 

Zintra acoustic panels

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