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We’re very excited to unveil our newest environmental graphics series. As part of a very special collaboration, we’ve invited contemporary Noongar artist Jarni from Jarni Creative to create a series of unique environmental graphics for the Discus Design Library.

Jarni’s love for bringing traditional stories and art into the modern landscape is showcased in this vibrant array of Noongar environmental graphics. Each delving into diverse themes, is set to bring narrative and meaning to a wide spectrum of spaces, from dynamic commercial offices to enriching educational and healthcare facilities. The collection of four unique designs has been converted into sixteen different colourways to suit any colour scheme.


1140pix v4


This artwork is about the feeling I have when I am connected to my country. Prior to settlement in Boorloo, we had beautiful lakes everywhere. These waters carried resources for our people and were common meeting grounds for trade and ceremony. Now, I love heading down to the river and watching the water move and seeing dolphins swim through while imagining how beautiful it would have been to see ngany boodja without the buildings and cars. The peace the water brings when you stop and dubakarn (slow down), that’s when I feel most connected to ngany boodja.


This artwork depicts people coming together. In our stories, we talk about our deep connection to Boodja and the importance of coming together. Throughout our history, we have come together to share, learn, and connect with one another, a tradition that continues today. Navigating the landscape, we seek to understand our country fostering opportunities to meet and strengthen our connections.


Keip represents our waterways and the power of its healing properties. Keip (water) is an impressive resource that has long been recognised by our people for its role in purifying and cleansing to help heal and bring new life to us and all living creatures.


This artwork represents people as Djet (flowers), learning and growing in knowledge to blossom into bright and beautiful people. Each person holds unique knowledge, and when shared we all can grow in kaatitjin. Our ancestors would speak to our younger people and share their knowledge, share their stories and pass on their kaatitjin to care for country, our animals and people.

Check out the full Noongar environmental graphics collection.

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