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Sales offices, or display suites, are often the direct link between a land or property development and its customers.

They play a crucial role in emulating the style and nature of a development with the potential buyer quickly deciphering if it will meet their needs and wants.

Experienced Account Manager Anthony shares some recommendations on how to elevate a sales office to justly reflect the premium nature of a high-end development.


Add dimension

Signage and graphics can be used to add depth and uplift an otherwise flat surface space.

By creating dimension and interest you’re exhibiting attention to finer detail in turn emulating the offering of the premium development.

A great way to do this is to treat printed wall graphics as a backdrop medium and add signage elements over the graphics.

Printed artist impressions or floor plans can be executed on products of varying depths including edge-wrapped gator board.

Acrylics can be reverse printed to display graphics, or they can be used in the form of cut-out lettering to display headlines or names.

Stand offs can also be used to mount acrylic or other products to the wall too.


Frame it

Adding frames to printed graphics will help give them that finishing touch of quality.

In essence, you’re treating artist impressions or design plans like artwork in itself – worthy of framing and showcasing.

There are a range of framing products available in various colours, thicknesses and depths.


Light it up

Lighting plays an important part in any sales office.

Work with your contractor to ensure that lighting placement has been considered to honourably showcase your graphics.

Just as used in art galleries, spotlights pointing down or upwards onto graphics will help elevate them.

Graphics can also be lit from within. Fabric printed with UV inks can create high-end lightboxes and a focal point within the sales office.


Quality equals quality

Ultimately the quality of your signage and graphics are seen as a direct reflection of the quality of your development.

The care and attention that you take in the fitout of your sales office should mirror the care and love you take in the design of your development.

This is what makes it so crucial to be working with a skilled signage and graphics fitout supplier such as Discus Print & Signage.

A good signage partner will work with you to understand your requirements and recommend products and finishes to help you achieve your goals.

Just make sure you engage them at the planning stage so they can have the most effective input from the start.

For more inspiration, check out some premium sales office fitouts we have delivered:

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Add dimension to walls with the use of acrylics, stand offs and framed prints.
Framing graphics and product information gives a finishing touch of quality.
Strategic placement of lighting will help elevate graphics.


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