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Our design library features a suite of graphics purposely created for healthcare environments.

With earthy colours and muted tones, our healthcare graphics take inspiration from the natural environment to create organic patterns that bring calm and peace.

Here are just a few of our graphics designed for healthcare settings.


Inspired by native plants, Philo is a medley of well-recognised Australian leaves.

From the serrated Banksia leaf to the smooth-edged Gumtree leaf, this design features a contrast of sharp and soft lines.

With 13 colour variations you’re spoilt for choice but some of our favourites for health are Philo Calandre, Philo Saxon and Philo Earthn.



Rama is a much softer interpretation of leaves with branches and stems.

With rounded edges, the pattern contains outlined and solid colours lending itself to a myriad of varying tones – some more spicier than others. Gentler colourways include Rama Sandrock and Rama Pensive,  while Rama Scented and Rama Wickered are bolder.



This graphic is based on a venation pattern and salutes the delicate feather-like veins of leaves.

There is 14 muted colourways including Venation Lip, Venation Aroha and Venation Lemonade.

In an important space where people gather and socialise, Philo Humble provides an uplifting yet centering energy for a mental health facility dining room.
Rama Lemon provides a soft focal point in this clinical setting.
The soft, natural design of Venation Platina creates an element of calm and utilises an otherwise stark space viewable from the patient’s bed.


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