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Senior Graphic Designer Carol discusses why Peppermintree is one of her favourite designs of the collection.

Parry Beach in Denmark, WA is a very special place for my family and I.

It is a breathtaking scene during sunset time – with beachbreak, sunset, sea breeze, mountains and peppermint trees.

My intent for this design was to re-create the sense of peace and calm I experience when visiting the location, with the idea of bringing nature and calm indoors with the use of the graphic in interior spaces.

Peppermintree is based on a photograph I took during one of our trips to Denmark. Capturing the detailed beauty of the treetop canopy I have extended the design using a watercolour paint treatment to represent the hills and sunset.

Peppermintree Mink would have to be my favourite colourway for its versatility. Here I have applied the design to a reception area wall, counter and desk in a way that mirrors the layering of the design’s landscape.

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