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Environmental Graphic Designer Erin discusses why Marblebar is one of her favourite designs from the geoscience collection.

Marble Bar, in Western Australia’s northwest, is renowned for its soaring temperatures and it’s unique marble-like geological formations.

This design is an artistic representation of the fossilised stromatolites and striped rock found at the hottest place in our state.

The Pilbara’s vast deserts and staggering rocky outcrops can make its landscapes seem almost alien, and I was inspired to create my artwork by the variations of beautiful earthy mineral colours and the smooth, fluid, organic lines contained within the earth at Marble Bar.

Here I have applied Marblebar in colourway Clay as printed acoustic panels with integrated signage in this corporate setting.

The organic shapes and linework will create a modern yet timeless element to any space and, by shifting the colourways, will integrate seamlessly with any decor.

Check out the Geoscience collection.

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