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Discus is excited to share with our clients new product innovations available in antimicrobial film.

Tested extensively, the antimicrobial films provide protection against microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites.

With the need for increased hygiene measures throughout our community, these new products are appropriate for a range of different industry environments and applications.

Antimicrobial clear film

Our antimicrobial clear film is a functional laminate that can be applied over many surfaces needing protection against viruses and bacteria.

This makes it an effective product for high touch point areas in a range of environments such as retail precincts, museums and exhibitions, educational facilities, healthcare environments and events.

Compatible with touchscreen technology, it allows you to have an antimicrobial protective barrier over your interactive media that is easily cleanable.

Unlike other films, the active antimicrobial property is encapsulated within the film resulting in high-stability protection of approximately 3 years.

The antimicrobial clear film has a clean removal with no adhesive residue.

Check out the product flyer for more information on this innovative product.

Clinical grade wall graphic

Our clinical grade wall graphic has just gotten more effective with the release of antimicrobial film technology.

The product is a specialised system featuring a premium printable self adhesive vinyl protected by an antimicrobial laminate that offers protection against viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites.

Importantly, the durability of our clinical grade wall graphic makes it compatible with hospital cleaning criteria including bleach solution cleaning.

Our clinical grade wall graphic is specifically designed for environments with infection control requirements including hospitals, aged-care, child care and mental heath facilities – as well as high-traffic commercial areas requiring distinct cleaning requirements.

Check out our product spec sheet or chat with your project manager for more information or to request a product sample.

The antimicrobial film is touchscreen compatible.
The clear antimicrobial film is appropriate for a range of applications including retail and exhibition cabinets and displays.
Our clinical grade wall graphic contains antimicrobial properties and can be cleaned with a bleach solution.


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