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Anti-Graffiti Coating: Your Questions Answered

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It can be pretty demoralising to see your signage or advertising defaced by vandals. Knowing when to invest and protect you signage can save you hassle, heartache and dollars. Here are some frequent questions we answer for our clients when it comes to anti-graffiti coating.

What is anti-graffiti coating and how does it work?

Anti-graffiti coating is essentially a coating that is applied over the printed product to help prevent graffiti from bonding to surfaces. The coating also helps with the removal of surface graffiti, should it occur.

There is a range of different coating methods and applications available which is largely dependent on the product you are printing on.

What products can be anti-graffiti coated?

We mostly apply anti-graffiti coating to banner vinyl, self-adhesive vinyl and aluminium composite board. These are commonly used for a range of advertising and signage products including hoarding, pylons, billboards and bus backs.

Should I invest in anti-graffiti coating?

Here are some key factors that will drive that decision.

  • The longevity of the sign. If it’s a temporary sign it might be worth the gamble. If your sign is a long-term to permanent structure then it’s probably worth the investment.
  • The cost of your sign. If your sign is a large investment, it makes sense to try and protect it. However if the cost of the anti-graffiti protection is on par with replacing the signthen it might not be worth it.
  • The sign’s location. Is it in an area that is a haven for vandals?
  • Act quick! Your chances of the graffiti being successfully removed decreases if it hasn’t been reported and acted on within 48hrs. After this time the solvent can take a strong hold.
  • Engage a professional. They will make an assessment and decide the best course of action and product for removal while trying to retain the integrity of the printed product.

We find that well lit and patrolled areas are less likely to get hit, with more secluded locations, even with less foot traffic, often being targeted. If your sign is hard to reach, this greatly limits accessibility for vandals and increases its safety.

What do I if my sign has been graffitied?

When it comes to anti-graffiti coating its important to note that nothing is 100% bulletproof. There are many variables that come into play including what solvent was used (large assortment of pens, spray cans, and other highly visible markers) and how long it has been up.


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