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Taking inspiration from a series of well-known mountains, Terrain features abstract designs that honour the formations of mountainous landscapes found in the Pilbara and South West regions.

The result is a series of environmental graphics that deliver layered contours in complimentary colour tones versatile and suitable for healthcare settings.

The colourways are named after the mountains depicted in its respective environmental graphic or related elements from the region – including Bluff Knoll, Frenchman Peak and Mount Martin.



Pilbara is an abstract interpretation of the beautiful and dramatic mountainous landscape of the Pilbara region of WA. Inspired by well-known mountains from Tom Price, Karratha and Millstream Chichester National Park, this environmental graphic celebrates some of the oldest and weathered surfaces on Earth. A texture has been applied within the layers of this design.



Using the formations of some of the well-known mountains from the South West and Great Southern regions of WA, this abstract environmental graphic celebrates the diverse terrain found in our state’s south. Colours featured in the various colourways have been inspired those found in West Australian medicinal flora.



Check out the Terrain collection.

Check out the full online library.

Pilbara in colourway Chichester as a wall graphic and dusted window film.
Southwest in colourway Bluff Knoll as an acoustic treatment.


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