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Welcome to
Discus Print & Signage

We are Perth’s original and leading large format printer, yet we are so much more.

What sets us apart is the way we work with our clients to achieve their printing and signage goals. We make it our mission to understand your needs, delivering solutions that exceed your expectations.

And coming from a diverse range of industries – including building and construction, marketing, events, interior design, hospitality and government – our clients all have their own unique requirements.

That’s why we offer a complete service at Discus – covering graphic design, project management, production, signage fabrication and installation.

We also get that our clients entrust us with their brands, so we strive to provide service and products of the highest standard.

In fact we set the standard. As pioneers in the Perth industry, our innovative approach sees us pushing-the-limits to create new opportunities that bring our client’s brands to life.

And we’ve been doing this for a while now – 30 years to be exact.

So when quality cannot be compromised and you need the best expertise in the business, we are the print and signage partner for you.

Get in touch with us today. We’d love to hear from you.



Peter and Carl started Discus in Peter’s lounge room 25 years ago when digital printing technology was in its infancy.

As a cartographer Peter was supplying printed maps to his clients, and as the demand for the service grew he and Carl invested in print machinery.

With a lot of hard work and some good luck along the way, the pair pioneered the way for digital large format printing in Perth.

These days Peter is more working ‘on’ the business then ‘in’ the business, overseeing the development and direction of Discus.



Having worked originally in the screen print industry, Carl has a grounding in traditional large format print which fired his passion in the burgeoning inkjet technologies. He identified an opportunity with this technology co-founding Discus with Peter 25 years ago.

Carl’s background in sales and client service has fostered strong relationships with clients over the years, all who value the Discus experience and remain fiercely loyal.

He’s passionate about cutting-edge technology and today drives Discus’s investment in the very best print machinery available.

Carl sees Discus’s vision today remaining the same as always: offering our clients a complete professional experience that can’t be obtained elsewhere.



A natural leader with an innate ability to engage and inspire, Steve is the captain at the helm overseeing 30 staff across all divisions.

With 30 years of reprographics industry experience behind him, Steve brings a wealth of expertise to the table.

He’s passionate about delivering outstanding service to our clients and ensuring that this remains our key strength for years to come.

Full of ideas and enthusiasm, Steve is focused on evolving the business, safeguarding Discus’s position as the innovative leader in the Perth large format printing space.



Having been with Discus for 20 years, Frank is a wealth of large format printing knowledge and expertise.

In fact he is well-versed in all facets of the business including print production, client service and installation.

As operations manager, he helps to ensure our Mt Hawthorn facility is running efficiently while managing all print machine maintenance, purchasing and supplier relationships.



A well-respected Discus family member of 10 years, Scott heads up a team of six account managers dedicated to making each client’s experience with us an exceptional one.

He brings two decades of industry experience to the role, helping the team navigate complex print and signage projects.

There’s two things Scott lives and breathes – sport and delivering the best results for our clients.

In fact he’s meticulous and won’t give up until he’s has found the best solution for the client, no matter how big or small the job.


Sign Services Manager

Overseeing a team of skilled installers, Dan manages the install schedule ensuring that every job is completed on time, within budget and to the highest standard.

With 14 years industry experience under his belt, his wealth of technical knowledge along with his creativity and drive for Discus to be the best makes him a killer force.

He can’t walk away from a challenge and thrives on out of the box thinking, designing new methods and ways of achieving amazing results for clients.

Dan works closely with each account manager, bringing his expertise to every project requiring installation.

Justin Bezzina

Project Manager

With his expertise as a qualified draftsperson and 20 years in the industry, Justin is perfectly placed to guide Interior Designers and Architects towards realising the full potential of their projects.

His ability to add value through understanding your design intent allows him to recommend the optimal manufacturing and installation methods for the best outcome of the project.

As your project manager, Justin ensures a smooth journey from start to finish, guaranteeing a flawless result for your new build or interior fitouts project.


Senior Graphic Designer

Jacques boasts extensive expertise in the realm of graphic design, with a specialisation in print design.

He thrives in the expansive arena of large-scale projects, enjoying the challenges and opportunities this format brings. Driven by a penchant for problem-solving, he eagerly collaborates with clients to ensure the best possible outcome for each project.

His meticulous attention to detail has been instrumental in maintaining Discus’s commitment to excellence. Additionally, as both an illustrator and artist, Jacques brings forth original and distinctive contributions to Discus’s pattern library.


Graphic Designer

Erin is a passionate designer, driven by an unwavering commitment to create impactful visual experiences. With over 20 years’ experience in surface graphic design, she continually pushes the boundaries of excellence and innovation in design.

Her impressive portfolio includes collaborations with global giants such as IKEA, GAP, Old Navy, and WH Smith, as well as esteemed institutions like The University of Western Australia, Ocean’s Institute, and Conservatorium of Music.

Erin’s journey as a designer and illustrator has been defined by her dedication to her craft, culminating in her sharing her time as a Designer at Discus and her current role as a lecturer at North Metro TAFE, where she imparts her wealth of knowledge to the next generation of graphic designers.

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