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Working on some of the biggest and hottest events in Perth we’ve learnt a thing or two about achieving great event signage.

With an important role to play in events, signs can make or break the experience for guests and patrons.

Having a good signage strategy in place and engaging a reputable supplier will help put you in good stead, but here we share some of our wisdom on how to get event signage right.


Consider your patrons journey. What do they need to know and where do they need to go? Rule of thumb is its best to over-communicate when it comes to directional signs. Ineffective wayfinding is an event fail, resulting in a frustrating experience for guests.

2. Use the venue/environment

The venue itself can present a host of inspiration and provide practical methods for getting your messages across. Sea containers, furniture, stairs, windows – even the floor – are all examples of mediums that can be utilised. Make sure your signage supplier does a venue tour with you early on as they’ll be able to identity clever and cost-effective ways for maximising the space.

3. Visibility

It’s pretty simple really but you need to consider factors that affect visibility including position and distance. Eye-level might seem like an obvious sign position but if you’re expecting large crowds signage will need to elevated. Does your event go into the night? Then signs will need to be adequately illuminated.

4. Maximise brand interaction

You’ve got a captive audience and the perfect opportunity to engage with them. Tools like media walls and photo board cut-outs are interactive and will project your brand outside the confines of the event venue and onto social media.

5. Get creative

Great event signage should add to the atmosphere you are trying to create. Lets face it, no event organiser is trying to create boring. With new products and methods coming online all the time there is never-ending creative possibilities. Engage your signage supplier at the planning stage so they can share their inspiring ideas.

6. Consistency

A consistent approach should be enlisted from the show-stopping welcome sign right down to the toilet signs. Creating a uniform look will bring your event theme together, present well and avoid confusion with guests.

FIFA Women's World Cup Fan Festival 2023.
Girls School.
SNACK Festival.


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